The shardik Gift guide

Hello you who has to trudge down the chimney of a woodland bear, let these directions lead you to my door with something that will please me.


I’m a long time collector of games and gaming items, though any system older than a super nintendo eludes me. Be it plush, or figure or toys I love em. I like nerdy shirts and hats and such as well.

Gaming is a vast forest of genres and worlds though, so I’ll try and help with my top 7 list of game series.

1. Megaman ( Legends and Xseries especially)

2. Souls (dark souls, demon’s souls, bloodborne)

3. Persona!

4. Elder scrolls

5. warcraft (not just wow)

6. Final Fantasy

7. Zelda

Though my tastes range much wider so feel free to stray.

I also have a soft spot for anime, so I’ll list a few of my favorites.

Avatar (I don’t consider it an anime but it fits hear in my stuffs)


One Piece

Rune soldier (obscure!)

Full Metal Alchemist

Besides endless gaming, I enjoy cooking as well, though I don’t know how that may help.


Shirt size: 2X

sweater size: 2X

Head size: like a pumpkin

systems I own: PC, PS4, 3DS, Wii U, Gamecube, wii, super nintendo, N64, PS2, PS1, Sega Dreamcast.


Hope this helps, though if it doesn’t maybe tell Z or GBD and they can have me clarify. Good luck, and may your christmas be magical.