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Hello Tay friend who has gotten me, the man who would be bear. I’m a massive megaman fan, especially legends and X. My favorite game series are of course the megaman multi-series and the souls series (dark souls, bloodborne, etc).

contacted club nintendo because my brother's 3ds is already registered and it says one system per account, and wanted to see if my XL could go on there as well. They're considered different so you can have both on there, in case anyone else was worried about that for the buy mystery dungone or luigi's mansion, get a

Got a weird problem, my computer refreshed and now all the icons on my desktop shortcuts are wrong, they're all shuffled around. edit: some quick googling fixed it, still a weird one though.

Age of Conan just came up on steam, figure I'll download the 25g client, play it for a couple hours, than uninstall. Man how I love being able to do that.

Somehow I ended up replaying symphony of the night, which I'm about half way through on a Luck playthrough. I need to pick up dawn of sorrow again, but can't find it at the nearest gamestops. Is order of ecclesia or portrait of ruin akin to SotN and DoS?

stupid UK has a silver 3ds XL and a pikachu XL, and all we've gotten is red and blue. I hate region locks so much. Least with the red one I can get one of those pokedex decals, but they're individual pieces and I have the unstable clumsy hands, so they'll always be slightly off from each other, and then I'll pull em

Just watched the Princess Bride for the first time, and I love it. Has everything I love in a movie, and I never really knew what was gonna happen next, which seems rare to me these days. I may have to add it to my top 10 favorite movies ever, but I need to let it sink in first.

Damn the AI in Ni No Kuni is bad, I have to go full healer to keep my partner alive, which even then is hard, because she dies in like 3 hits.