Hello Tay friend who has gotten me, the man who would be bear. I’m a massive megaman fan, especially legends and X. My favorite game series are of course the megaman multi-series and the souls series (dark souls, bloodborne, etc).


I collect games new and old, and love figures (though not a big fan of the POP figures, their tiny dead eyes creep me out).

Alternative interests are:

Anime: I love stuff like School Rumble, Trigun, and most high fantasy types. Ghibli movies are a particular love of mine as well, I own the entire collection on DVD.


Comics: I’ve collected the first 3 sets of the Avatar: the last airbender series (a series I LOVE), so anything after The Promise, the search, and the rift would be cool.

I joined the secret santa initiative because I really love the idea of the “loot crate” type boxes, and this is a more fine tailored version of that.


T-shirt size: 2X

systems I own: pretty much everything.

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