Agreed, I also think it would be cooler if all the tattoos were upside down, as if the Joker himself had been carving them into his own body with his free time. Would lend a lot more creepyness to his crazy. » 4/27/15 9:32pm 26 minutes ago

The FFXIV heavensward benchmark is out, cool to watch. I scored very high on the laptop-high settings, gonna try it again on full settings, but I’m not expecting much before my new card. » 4/27/15 9:16pm 42 minutes ago

I’ve had a ritual of buying the guide when I beat the game since Dark Souls. Fun to read through it and find things I missed, and I like that I found things the guides missed or didn’t mention. Such as in DS2, the first bonfire in Forest of the fallen giants, the guide never mentions that you can blow the barrels on… » 4/22/15 8:31pm Wednesday 8:31pm

I just watched that episode last night and was thinking how amazing that fight scene was. The camera barely moved, and it felt a lot more realistic. You could see he was bone tired, and unlike most action scenes, the baddies just. kept. getting. up. It felt excruciating for him. » 4/20/15 10:16pm 4/20/15 10:16pm

I’m of the mind that everybody should be ripping off each other when it comes to UI/menus. Don’t waste time making something unique when you can make something that works well. » 4/20/15 10:14pm 4/20/15 10:14pm

Persona 4 has likely my favorite battle music from a JRPG, haven’t found a topper yet, even great ones like FF get tired after dozens of hours, but not P4’s. » 4/18/15 1:23am 4/18/15 1:23am

I feel the Lich King was a must to fight at some point, but Illidan was dumb, and I think they’ll bring him back soon enough. They’ve gotten pretty lazy plot wise since we went back just to rekill villains whose stories have already been told. » 4/17/15 9:44pm 4/17/15 9:44pm

I usually only carry my pocket knife, wallet, keys, and phone. My phone is an xperia play filled to the brim with roms, so on the off chance I need to pass time I'm set to go. » 4/16/15 10:30pm 4/16/15 10:30pm